Goombles are delicious and loveable candies living on the Cardano Blockchain. Goombles come in various shapes and sizes while also doubling as your ticket to unlock exclusive perks, events, future drops, activities, content, games, physical products, and much more! It is said that owning each type of Goomble will yield a sugary surprise! Goombles let us indulge in the sweet times life has to offer! Our goal is to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 via gaming and physical products!


Welcome to the miracle that is Sweetopia. With aid from The Sacred Cane, Sweetopia turned from a sugarless wasteland to a flourishing candy world. Sugar from The Great Cane dispersed across all of Sweetopia creating ten factions each with unique biomes, candies, and creatures. Each faction elected their strongest citizen as “Elder” and assigned them the task of distributing all of The Sacred Cane’s sugar equally through Sweetopia. Unfortunately, one Elder had other plans…

Goomi – Growing up as the “black sheep” of Cavity court, Goomi was orphaned at a young age and taken in by his Faction’s Elder. As a child, Goomi displayed incredible talent as a craftsman. Using his skills, he created the very first combat mech made exclusively of candy!


Island 1

  • NFT collection – First Half of Stash
  • Goombles – Chew on These!
  • Custom Community Sweets

Island 2

  • Goombles: Sugar Clash (holders-only alpha)
  • “First Taste”

Island 3

  • Goombles: Sugar Clash (The Sour)
  • “Taste Test”

Island 4

  • “More than a Nibble”
  • Web 2 Marketing & Player Acquisition

Meet our members

Who we are

The Goombles team prides itself on building from the ground up. We are a passionate indie team of marketers, artists, and devs looking to disrupt web3 through the rapidly growing indie gaming market!


Gamer, blockchain enthusiast, and visionary, Nash is your textbook nerd. His passion for gaming fuels his vision for what the future of web3 games should look like.

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How Many Traits?

The Goombles collection will consist of multiple body types and over 200 unique traits. All different body types will be under 1 policy ID. It is said that owning 1 of each body will yield delicious rewards.

"When Mint? How Many? How Much?"

There are a total of 10,000 delicious Goombles. Currently only 5,000 Goombles are available. The mint date and price of the remaining supply is TBD at a later date.

What is the Game?

Goombles is a 3D Real-Time-Strategy Tower Defense game. The game is built using the Unity engine for PC & mobile!

Is the Game Play-to-Earn?

No. Play-to-Earn gaming assumes players should play web3 games for monetary gain. We believe players should play web3 games for the benefits of ownership, interoperability, transferability, and community.

Is the game free-to-play?

Goombles will eventually be free-to-play for everyone. Goombles holders will get exclusive access to the game’s alpha.

How is Goombles Different than Other Projects?

Less than 1 week after our first tweet, Goombles began innovating. We brought together communities, gamers, and collectors via group Twitter spaces and video game collaborations. We pride ourselves in creating fun events and experiences that our community can indulge in!

Where can I learn more about Goombles?

You can find additional info on our Discord and Twitter! For a delicious dive into all EVERYTHING Sweetopia has to offer, you can read our Whitepaper